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Eighth Avenue recording Austin, Minnesota
Eighth Avenue Recording Austin, Minnesota 507-438-3284
Fun Times
Angel Val
I’ll Be
Words and music by Angel Val Anhalt Buy Angels album at angelvalmusic.com/store/
Breathe In
Walk Away
Angel Val Anhalt  guitar, vocal Randy Barnette  guitar Barry Roberts  bass Thomas O’Malley  drums
Severe Logic
Todd Moran guitar, vocal Terry Schmidt  sax, keyboard, backing vocals Barry Roberts  bass Dan Schroeder  drums
Dr. Todd Moran and Severe Logic Band
Echo Messenger
James Bracken guitar, vocal Craig Rosell  drums Trevor Bordelon  bass, backing vocals Tristan Sather  guitar, backing vocals
Words and music by James Bracken
Thunderbay Road
3 Wheels and A
Rory Mattson guitar, vocal, banjo Ruth Lawrence  vocals, guitar Lisa Sturtz  vocals Jamie Kyllo    bass David Rambo  vocals, mandolin
Frikkin Witch
Barry Roberts  bass Mitch Peterson  vocals, guitar Thomas O’Malley  drums Todd Doe    guitar
Spiritually Motivated
Michael Veldman  vocals Erin Schumacher  vocals Faye Bollingberg   vocals Brendhan Wagner    vocals Brian Bawek  vocals Jan Muzik   piano Jim King   other instrumentation
Jan King
Jan King  vocals, guitar Jim King  bass, drums
Larry James
Larry James  vocals, acoustic guitar, electric piano, backup vocals Jim King  electric guitars, bass, backup vocals
Joshua Whalen
Joshua Whalen  vocal, piano, guitar
Words and music by Jan King
The Rumor
Leave Your Love at the Door
Words and music by Larry James
Words and music by Joshua Whalen
Sunflower Eyes